From the Studio 

25th September 2018

Hi Quilters,
Well folks another week has flown by here at the Studio.  At this stage into September all routines are back in place and it really is a case of go….go….go.  Whether it’s for work, school or both and then trying to slot in some leisure time, it can be exhausting and it’s only beginning.
Regular weekly classes have started for this new term.  My thanks to all who attend and I am really looking forward to seeing all that gets produced by Christmas
Beginner’s had their second full day workshop last Saturday and it was the relaxing hand sewing technique of English Paper Piecing, EPP, on offer.

We used Freezer Paper templates so no need for pins that constantly get caught on the thread.  We had printed hexies, printed straight onto Freezer Paper

sheets and then they learned how to draft their own 60° diamonds

for tumbling blocks.   I am always amazed  at how many of us are

using our long rulers for cutting, maybe for years and still don’t

know to use the 30°, 45° and 60° lines to make diamonds and

triangles without needing to have a load of speciality rulers.



Grandmothers garden / Tumbling blocks


30°  45°  and 60°  angles

30°  45°  and 60°  angles

Don’t get me wrong, I love my speciality rulers and have plenty of them but they can be expensive and it’s always handy to know how our basic rulers work.
With Sit and Sew option, limited to 12, on same day as Beginner’s workshop,  I love to see all the colours and patterns that quilters choose to make.

I promised you a snap of an alternate stained glass workshop I am giving in Newtownmountkennedy, Co. Wicklow, for the Wicklow Patchwork Guild in November.  It is an adaptation of a Linda Everhardt pattern who gave kind permission for me to teach her technique.














If you are interested in this class, please visit for more information.    
Wishing you all a great week, take care until next Tuesday. 


Red sky version of my Tipperary Skies/ Sunbonnet Sue/Flic Flac Heart/ Trip around the World by Janet Clare


Stained Glass workshop 

18th September 2018

Hi Quilters,

When I wrote last week of 9/11 I had no idea just how significant that date would become in my own life. Sadly, my brother Richard, or Rick as he was always known to family, passed away that day and I am still struggling to put words together never mind to put on paper. I know you will all understand.

It has been a week of family gatherings. Cousins, some of whom I haven’t seen in a very long time were there. We really should try and keep in touch more often. Many many tears and almost as many laughs as the various childhood memories came tumbling out.

Not a stitch has been sewn, but that’s ok, there is a time for everything under heaven as one of the funeral readings told us.

A time to weep and a time to laugh, to lose and to gain, to hurt and to heal, to hate and to love, to tear down and build up and we must go on….we owe it to our loved ones to continue with this life we have been given.

True friends are a gift and I have been blessed with some of the very best. Thank you all.

I write this today in loving memory of my brothers Sean and Rick and my sister Maria all gone too soon. I pray that they are all back in the arms of my Mum and Dad who went ahead.



9th September 2018

Hi Quilters,

9/11, can it really be 17 years since the horror of seeing the attack on the World Trade Centre?  It is an image so horrific that it will never leave me.  It looked like a “Die Hard” movie but no, this was REAL….real people going about their workday and real people putting their own lives on the line to save many others.

Selfishly, I was just so grateful not to have any of my loved ones in New York, or the Pentagon or on United 97 that fateful day.  My heart goes out to all who suffered through that heinous event and truly hope and pray that time does heal…or at least help.

Yes, it is September 11 so we are in the early days of Autumn, my favourite season by far.  Not too hot, not too cold, just cooler days to enjoy all that is changing around us and COLOUR…oh what colour.

Hubby Don and I paid a visit to the “Arboretum” Garden Centre, in Kilquade, Co. Wicklow.  There is another branch in Co. Carlow but this is what we consider our local, about 20 minutes from home.  We went yesterday and I highly recommend if you get the chance to go that you do go.  Beautiful gardens, great café and a shop with everything garden related you could possible want.

There was quite a focus on bird tables and hanging feeders for all the birds.  I even noticed that some of the greenery was already producing berries for our feathered friends.

There were wonderful gardens with seats dotted around the various sections, allowing for rest and contemplation.  Simply breathing in the fresh air and appreciating the gentle changes in the foliage, while listening to gently running water is good for the soul.

The Beginner’s Course got off the ground on Saturday.  Lots to take in and I hope not to have scared any of them away but it’s just the start and it will all become second nature to them over the coming weeks.  Focus was very much on Colour and Tonal Values, with the purpose being how to select fabric for their sampler quilts.

2 more weeks and we get stuck into EPP.  Grandma’s Garden with hexies and Tumbling Blocks with Diamonds.  No machines, just gentle hand sewing which I love but rarely get enough time to do much of it.   I  adore when it comes to putting binding on a quilt….I set myself up in a cosy chair, feet up and a good movie or 2.  Just how big is this quilt?

Well stitchers, I’m off to work on another sample for a workshop coming up in November with the Wicklow Patchwork Group….more of that next time.

Have a great week all.



This little Robin was having a feast on crumbs on café terrace

Ooooops… the mistake, where did I leave that ripped. Cooper just popped in to say hello

4th September 2018

Hi Quilters,

Eldest Son: Hi Mom, are you around for the weekend?

Me: Yes, I have no particular plans at the moment (but secretly hoping this is going to be an invite to something....cinema?....dinner?....maybe even both)

Eldest Son: Ah that’s great. I just got tickets to a music festival so could you please look after the guinea pigs for me? Just Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be home Monday.....

Well, it’s always good to hear from him. So on one of my trips to feed and play with the guinea pigs I spotted a neighbours late summer floral display.

What a joy, it’s not easy when your front door is directly onto the street, but hasn’t she made the most of her space. Many more have window boxes.


Progress continues with all blocks finished and ready to be put together to complete the Beginner’s Course Sampler.

All those registered so far for weekly classes will receive photo and requirements for Term Project this week.


There are a couple of places available for Tuesday night.....check under Classes for details if you are interested.

What’s under your needle right now?  I have so many UFOs.....9 at the last count and all needing attention. Roll on October when I hope to be able to start tackling them.

I am so looking forward to this coming Saturday, 8th September.  Firstly, we kick off the Beginner’s  Course....a busy but fun day and after that. STRICTLY  IS  BACK.  Are you a fan? I just love it, the dresses, the music, the make up and of course the dancing, however, I do have to admit to not knowing almost half the celebrities this year.

From now til Christmas you will find me tuned in to BBC, phone off (be warned) come 6.30pm each and every Saturday evening. Bring it on.

Be safe, keep sewing until we catch up again.













My own pop of colour outside the studio, all that has survived the heatwave this summer.