From the Studio 

21st August 2018

Hi Quilters,

Thank you for stopping by the web and this blog- I say blog but that right now is purely an intention as I haven't done this before. 

The plan at this stage is to stop by for a weekly chat, share some of what is happening in the studio and classes and maybe some home life.

Home right now is myself, hubby Don, youngest son Scott and dog Cooper who is a 10 month old Cockapoo who desperately needs some manners and obedience training, we are on a short list and we are all hoping it's getting shorter by the day as our Cooper is getting taller by the hour and reaching everything- DISASTER!

Summer holidays are coming to an end and my mind is turning to new terms for beginners and regular weekly classes starting in September- which of course is really only around the corner. 

Project requirments and patterns all need finalizing so I better turn my thoughts to that and say once again, thank you for reading this and hope to chat to you next week. 

28th August 2018

Hi Quilters

Well it's been a busy week here in the Studio, prepping for all the upcoming classes


On that note I made a decision to make my own sampler quilt for this year's Beginner's Course.  As any of you that teach will know that having samples is essential and to date all my blocks have been just that....Samples....not put together. 


Each year I would borrow students quilts to use as examples.  I think it's wonderful to see the reaction total beginners have when they see what others, previously in their shoes, created over the 10 week course.

                                                                                   Blocks in the making.



This year along with 2 borrowed quilts I decided time was right to put together a quilt of my own, covering all lessons, including both hand and machine piecing and applique after, of course, first learning to cut, sew and press accurately.  12 Blocks in total although Beginners only have to commit to making 9 blocks most ususally make the 12 to create a more usuable quilt


What have you been up to this week?

We are still waiting on a place for Cooper on Training Programme....any day now I'm told but it really can't come soon enough.  I am now down to one pair of shoes and a pair of trainers.  I forgot to take photos before binning the evidence. 

I did say bear with me didn't I?  I think I need to tie my phone around my neck so I have it on me at all times and can then take more photos.

Best of luck to all of you who have children going back to school this, it can be difficult getting back into the routine....I remember it well even with my guys all now in their 30s, it doesn't seem that long ago.

I hope you have a good week whatever is on your agenda.

Take care til we chat again,









Ready to applique