From the Studio 

16th October 2018

Virginia Creeper and Moody Sky 

Where is the year going? Mid October already, the full bloom of a beautiful Autumn is settling in nicely but I have a heavy heart this morning as my darling sister Maria, who sadly passed away 10 years ago would have been 68 today……way too young to be gone.
Miss you Mol every day x

Well I have a busy week ahead here at the Studio starting with this.

A couple of students are making this and one asked if she could put fleece on the back instead of wadding and backing.  It would be so cosy for her grandkids but she had heard some stories of how difficult it to quilt as it stretches so easily.

Not having ever used it myself before now what is a teacher to do but try it out and report back….and of course I have my wonderful new quilting machine all ready and waiting.  Having played with various samples it is time to take the plunge.   

Am working towards Saturday 20 and the monthly meeting of WPG in Newtownmountkennedy, I wonder is it still the longest town name in Ireland?  
I have kits to finalise for a few people along with requirements and more kits for the upcoming November workshop “Alternate Stained Glass” which will run Saturday 17 after the meeting and all day Sunday 18.


I believe there are just a couple of places left so if you are interested contact them direct on


Lots of “Tipperary Skies” from last term are coming to fruition and all so different.  Although I love it, I think, seeing what is being produced, that my original is the least exciting but it’s always wonderful to see how others interpret my patterns. Lots of Quilt As You Go this time around and it’s working  very well.

As a result of these being added to the web, particularly Gwen’s Red Sky version last week I have been asked from outside of classes to publish a pattern for this quilt.  So far it is written up only in a format for teaching in class but am going to get to it in the next few weeks and will hopefully start the online shop with it and a few others…..that’s the plan anyway.


I’d better get back to this Halloween quilt and see how the fleece behaves.  I spray basted it and am hoping that along with a few flat pins that it holds it together without too much movement.

Till the next time, happy sewing my friends



Cozy fleece backing


Galaxy of stars and a Tardis


Detail of Project

8th October 2018

30°  45°  and 60°  angles

Hi Quilters,
Firstly, my sincere thanks to all who have sent Mass and sympathy cards to me since the passing of my brother almost a month ago.  I was so taken by surprise but believe me I appreciated each and every one.

Next, my apologies for there being no blog last week.  The last two weeks have had various up and downs.  Sadly, more funerals, a bout of food poisoning, hubby had a medical scare (all is ok) and in the midst of all that and regular weekly classes I was awaiting a large delivery from the UK. 

I went to Birmingham to Festival of Quilts back in August.  Quite a few of us went and YES of course we all spent money.  Some more than others and me in particular!!!!

Despite coming home with only a book,  Sue Spargo’s fantastic book Creative Stitching, some fake fur and a Christmas handwork project,  I had left a deposit of a new Industrial Sewing Machine.

For the past two years I had given serious consideration to purchasing a Sit Down Long Arm machine, the BERNINA Q20 in particular, but the orientation of these machines was what kept me from going ahead.

These are all Straight Stitch only machines and primarily for Free Motion Quilting but I wanted to be able to piece also.

Well quilters I found exactly the machine for me…. A computerised Leman 2010.  An 18” throat, orientated in the normal position as with any domestic machine but can also be used with ¼” foot so perfect for piecing and quilting.


All I brought home with me 


New Machine- What a beauty!

Table up close 

Did I mention yet it is set into a wonderful table?

A table with ball bearings inserted to make manoeuvring a quilt a whole lot easier.  It also comes with an additional frame, perfect for custom quilting.  Everything I wanted in a machine and there was Saeed Ahmed of SA Sewing Machines with an appealing show price, thousands less than the BERNINA.

Saeed and Shirley, his partner, are busy people and had three more exhibition shows to attend so we decided on early October for delivery.  Great excitement on Friday 28 September, It was on its way and I would have it Wednesday or Thursday and Saeed would be here to set it up Friday week.

Now here comes a word or warning…..check, double check and treble check ALL  DETAILS.  The shipping agents had WRONG house number on address, despite my CORRECT address and details plastered on both sides of the pallet….  and Courier Delivery company had my mobile number with NO PREFIX so it looked like a landline number…….AAARRRRGH                


3 days of cockups and blatant lies between shipping company and couriers ensued BUT as of 10.30 am Monday 8, the BEAST HAS  LANDED and Saeed, who has seen more of Dublin than he had expected to, has stayed over and is setting it up as I write. 

By the way SA Sewing Machines will be in Dublin again for the Knitting & Stitching show next month so go along and check them out.  They will be on Stand E26 and I might even be there myself.

I am just itching to get going.

Have a great week.  I will have more to tell you when we catch up again.



'That wont fit through the gate'


Look at what just popped up (no pun intended) in my garden.  Ignore the Dandelion please.

Feel free to leave a comment and any questions you may have.

Thanks! Message sent.